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The Friends group was set up in 2007 to help plan for the Gardens' 100th year celebrations. This event proved to be such a success that we went on to hold an annual festival every May. Alongside this we’ve held other events, talks, litter picks and raised significant sums of money to help improve the Gardens themselves.


Who we are

We’re a group of local residents/volunteers who care about our park. We want to make sure that the Gardens continue to be a beautiful, safe space that serves the needs of the local community. 


The Friends Committee are: Pippa Smith (Chair), Linda Austin (Secretary), Juliette Bidwell, Melanie Davis, Alison Dean, Annie MitchellCliff Robinson and Helen Snowden









What we do

We are here to represent the people who live and work in the neighbourhood and for people who visit the park and we welcome your views.


We meet regularly with the Park Rangers and representatives from Brighton and Hove City Council. We are also in touch with local councillors to raise issues.

To see what projects we are currently working on, please visit the Projects page.


If you have an idea about how St Ann’s Well Gardens can be improved or any issues you feel need addressing, we want to hear from you. If you want to get involved to help make the park the best it can be, please do get in touch.


Working Groups

We have set up working groups, so that Friends members can get involved in the life of the Gardens:



The Events team puts together a number of events in the park, including those via Brighton Festival and Artists Open Houses. The team also supports those who want to put their own events on (e.g. through promotion).


The kind of tasks we need help with include things like taking round Friends’ collecting boxes or helping audience members to find a safe place to sit and watch a performance. Members of the team will also assist musicians and performers to make the best use of their time with us.

Members of the Team will only get together prior to and after each event for planning and debriefing purposes - so there is no need to fear lots of meetings! If you like meeting new people and seeing lots of activity happening in the park, please get in touch..


Wildlife Group

We’re a group who has a particular interest in making sure that plants and animals thrive in the park. In the past we have put on various bird-related activities, including the annual RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, and walking groups such as a Dawn Chorus walk. If anyone is interested in widening the activities of our wildlife group, we’d love to hear from you! Perhaps you have a particular penchant for the squirrels? Maybe the fish or other pondlife? Or maybe wildflowers and biodiversity is more your thing? All new ideas and participants welcome!



Please Get in Touch!   Email

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Our Annual General Meeting was on Tuesday 19th March 2023 at 5.30pm.

Click to see the 2023 Annual Report.



Click here to see Minutes of the 2022 AGM.

Click here to see our Constitution.

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