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After a slow-down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our exciting “Sensory Garden For the Future” project is now moving forward at pace.


The Friends and the Council have been working on a comprehensive improvement plan and work has now started on hard landscape improvements. In September 2021, a new accessible pathway was created and a new pergola installed at the north end. A new soft surface area and additional seating will be installed in the near future.


We hope to make the Garden truly sensory once again and to provide an area of peace and solace particularly to vulnerable individuals and groups in our community.


The grants we have been awarded from the Postcode Lottery, the Rampion Trust and other funders will be used to create new group seating areas; wind sculptures and other stimulating physical element;, interactive signage, and sensory planting.


We need other people in the local area to get involved, as one of the aims is to enhance interaction between the user groups and local residents. If you would like to help us take this forward, please get in touch.

Contact us at:

or message us on one of our social media:

Yellow Brick Road






Thank you to Margaret, a Friend of St Ann’s Well Gardens, for naming the beautiful new path which snakes into the Sensory Garden from the South East Corner. The path is graded to facilitate access by people who use mobility aids, buggies and prams. 

The path and other changes to the sensory garden are the result of a shared vision developed by the Friends with BHCC. Thanks to the generosity of our Friends and that of a number of funding bodies we aim to provide facilities that are:-

● Safe and welcoming to all 
● Encourage the use of the space by the more vulnerable people in our community 
● Provide a truly sensory outdoor experience. 
● Give space and respect to appropriate performances during the summer months. 

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